The Oral Wear Simulator by Proto-tech was supplied to NYU with an upgrade that allows it to exert up to 200N during the attrition phase. Higher forces allow the crack sensitivity of dental ceramics to be explored, as well as accelerate the wear of direction composite restorations.


This instrument was built with a different format too. The controls are accessed on the back side of the instrument, saving counter space. A different style of solenoid provides the higher force capacity. The enhanced tubular solenoids are more sensitive to the core position, so it is recommended that the calibration kit also be ordered and used on occasion to confirm the force output.

wear simulator

The calibration load cell mounted to the wear machine.

We have come along way since Adaptic and Silar. New polymer composite restoratives have wear resistances that nearly match natural dentition. But as other developments emerge, ie self-healing fillings, anti-microbial additives, the need to assess oral wear resistance continues. This blog will document and comment on these issues. It is sponsored by Proto-tech, supplying leading-edge composite research instruments since 1995. View their catalog online at